Twelve Bar Blues

    piano, double bass, drums, computer

    “Twelve Bar Blues” is based on the consideration that the term blues has referred to very different forms of music at different times in different places. It’s a long way from the origins of the blues to the blues I played myself as a teenager, where it served mainly as a chord scheme to improvise on. Where is the border of the blues? How far can we take it and still call it the blues?

    Recorded at Pina Bausch Theater, Folkwang Uni, Essen, on 07.07.2021. Performed by Moena Katsufuji (piano), Dima Rudyk (bass) and Jonathan Schierhorn (drums).


    double bass

    Scrollbar is a short solo-piece written for Javad Javadzade as part one of his project lockdown miniatures. It was written and recoreded in very little time and premiered on Javads facebook wall. Somehow corona lockdown raises an old question in a new way: What if you kept scrolling but never reached the ground?!

    home-recording by Javad Javadzade