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free stock music – free of what?! free of charge? yes. licence–free? also. free of function or form? free to take an unexpected turn? freed from clichés? certainly not.

stock photos, stock videos and stock music are omnipresent in today’s media landscape. they are useful. they protect the environment, because they keep media creators from flying all around the planet to shoot a short sequence in a desert or a jungle. they make it easier for everyone to produce something on a low budget. but while broadening possibilities they also broaden the beaten track and make it easier to rely on established aesthetic conventions. no risk – but fun?

using stock material opens numerous doors that all lead into the same few spaces: fun, happiness, relaxation, creativity, love… space, clouds, forest, skylines… the strategy of creating images and sounds that can be adapted in as many different projects as possible creates exactly this: highly adaptable and abstractable material, with all specific, controversial, personal or local elements erased. spaces, but no places.

for friedrich schiller (1759–1805), beauty is freedom in appearance:

„der grund der schönheit ist überall freiheit in der erscheinung. der grund unsrer vorstellung von schönheit ist technik in der freiheit. vereinigt man beide grundbedingungen der schönheit und der vorstellung der schönheit, so ergibt sich daraus folgende erklärung: schönheit ist natur in der kunstmäßigkeit.“

[from: friedrich schiller – callias oder über die schönheit]

free stock music – free in its appearance?



stock photos and videos, voice, music loop
voice andreas fischer

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stock photos and videos, voices, piano loop, amateur porn sounds
voices andreas fischer & julius borger

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Couple Walking on a Beach Filmed with a Drone

Bride Wedding Preparation Video Shoot

Close-Up Video Of Tuxedo


stock photos and videos, voice, electronic kitchen devices sounds
voice andreas fischer

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stock photos and videos, voices, synthesizer loop, synthesized voice
voices andreas fischer & julius borger

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