online-piece with live generated synthesizer melody, audio-/videoloop, text

performance andreas fischer
samples audio of an anti-trump demonstration [recorded by corsica_s, CC BY-NC 3.0] | video of the nuclear test „trinity“


the key element of the piece ANTHEM is a live-generated synthesizer melody. its tones are triggered by new followers of donald trump on twitter: with each new follower – meaning: with every increasement of the number of his follower relative to the previous value – a tone of the american national anthem is played. if the number decreases and increases again, tones are repeated. if the number increases very fast, tones are skipped. as a result, the melody becomes fragmentary.

this is accompanied by an audio-/videoloop, consisting of a performance with a tie by andreas fischer, as well as images of the first us-american nuclear test „trinity“ and sounds of an anti-trump demonstration in portland, oregon.


__with every tone you hear, donald trump has a new follower on twitter. and every time donald trump has a new follower on twitter, you hear a tone.


the online version does no longer work, because twitter enhanced data security. please view the video version instead!